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HWC offers a variety of subscription packages to brokers, based on the number of listings they would like to display on the site. There are no extra or hidden costs, we are fully transparent with our monthly listing fees. Contact us today to get your stock listed on HWC.

What we offer brokers

Transparent listings

Your business details are shown on every Ad, so the customer knows who you are from the start. Every lead contains the customer’s name, phone and email address.


Broker Website

All of your ads are linked to your own business website. If your are after a new professionaly designed website for your company and brand we would be happy to discuss options to create one for you.


Simplicity and affordability

No sign up or annual fees, and no cost per lead. You pay a monthly subscription and won’t incur any costs per leads – ever. HWC receives your inventory via data feed integration with all major data management systems.


Free bump-up every month

Each month your ads will be bumped up to the top of the first results page for free.

Free company video creation

Upon request we will create a professional marketing video highlighting your establishment with your logo, banner, images of your listings (max 4) and audio of your choosing. This is a great tool for extra exposure.

Pricing & are operated by Hot Wire Classifieds Ltd, a company established and resident in New Zealand. HWC’s fees are GST exclusive. There are no set up fees, annual fees and no costs per lead just a fixed monthly fee per subscription. Brokers can add to their subscription package at any time and will only be charged an additional listing fee (per listing). Click Here for more information on additional listings. Prices effective as of 1st January, 2016. Regional pricing may be available – contact us for more information.

Active listingsMonthly price
Up to 10 listings package$349
Up to 30 listings package$475
Up to 40 listings package$839
Up to 60 listings package$1135
Up to 80 listings package$1675
Up to 100 listings package$2139
Active listingsMonthly price
Up to 5 listings package$389
Up to 15 listings package$525
Up to 25 listings package$929
Up to 35 listings package$1255
Up to 45 listings package$1849
Up to 55 listings package$2359
How HWC works for dealers

What HWC can do for you

HWC Marine & Real Estate is a simple and affordable solution for Brokers to list their inventory on our classifieds sites.

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